We cost-effectively mitigate your cyber risks and help you drive revenue

Medical Device
  • INNOVATIVE APPROACH: To help you, we deploy our innovative Multi-tool, Multidisciplinary Approach for Cyber Risk Mitigation summarized in our website’s Approach section.
  • CYBER RISK MITIGATION: To protect you from business-threatening risks, we mitigate all your cyber risks: operational, medical device, data breach, IP, financial, and compliance.
  • DRIVE REVENUE: To facilitate device sales, we help you show regulators, clients, partners and strategic buyers that you and your offerings are cybersecure. This includes all premarket applications.
  • CYBERSECURITY & PRIVACY COMPLIANCE: We help you efficiently comply with all applicable cybersecurity and privacy regulations — e.g. FDA, HIPAA, CCPA, and the EU’s MDR & GDPR.