Three Steps to Our Cyber Risk Transfer Consulting Service

Step 1: Residual Risk

Calculate Residual Cyber Risks

We help you more accurately calculate your residual cyber risks – namely, those not mitigated by your current cybersecurity, computing continuity, contracts, and insurance.

This information is critical for making intelligent risk transfer decisions.

Step 2: Actual Insurance Value

More Effectively Use Insurance & Contract to Transfer Cyber Risks

When using contracts and complex insurance & e.g. cyber liability policies and/or IP coverages & to transfer cyber risks, the devil is often in the details.

We have the expertise to help you more effectively transfer your cyber risks using both contract and insurance.

Step 3: Best Terms and Pricing

Best Terms & Pricing

Because we are not your insurance agent or broker, we let the market forces work in your favor by helping you compare offerings from many insurers.

We also know ways that insurers will negotiate. Together, this helps you get the best terms and pricing.